Are you drunk enough to speak German once again?

I don't care for green tea.

Oliver travels a lot.

Your shoes are here.

I've found another job.

Pedophilia is a crime.

You should attend the meeting yourself.


I'm from Germany.


They did warn Alastair.

I should say he won't come.

It's moist and warm.

We know about the suffering.

She is always on my side.

Do I have to register?

We weren't worried about it.

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Where is the mistake?

Both brothers are still alive.

I heard Hazel was looking for me.

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I didn't keep her waiting.

He's the perfect man for her.

Sleep tight.

I said get out!

My shoelace got caught in the escalator.


Ssi doesn't think before he speaks.


He dissented from the opinion of the majority.

You won't make it, not even in your dreams.

Only then did I realize what he meant.

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I'm driving.

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Myron finds fault with everything I do.


She came near being drowned.

I believe the actions that he took were right.

You're smaller than Dave.


The mountain was covered in snow.

I just had a meeting with the new client.

I lost that bet.


We were high school sweethearts.


Could I have a plastic bag for those?

The food was decent.

A high household savings rate in Japan is attributed, among other things, to people's desire to save money to buy a home.

Today is my elder sister's birthday.

Do you really want to stay for another three days?

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We'll have to organize the drinking party all over again as the section chief can't make it now.

Close the window, will you?

Who's giving the main speech?

Donal probably thought I was hungry.

Do you intend to help them?

The rice field lies waste.

Last night I was caught in a shower and got wet to the skin.

I'm just going to lie down for a minute.

How often do you use toll roads?

We decided on a trip to Singapore for our vacation.

My luggage hasn't arrived yet.

There was a guy named Marilyn who used to live here.

I am sorry, I've got to go.

Let's look into the matter.

Summer and Autumn are friends.

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Do you find the work too hard?


I didn't like that.


Does anyone know how to use Photoshop?

It could be something else.

My train leaves at seven, arriving in Tokyo at nine.


In my "Agenda for urban mobility", which I am going to present to the Universal City League Congress tomorrow, I will address some of the necessary measurements.

Julianto looks very happy.

Christie didn't seem very sure.

Traveling will immensely enrich our minds.

Many a day did she spend knitting a sweater for him.

He's three years younger than my older brother.

Lori is quite a gardener.

You promised me to come back before summer.

To whom does this umbrella belong?


Do you think it was Hein?

Jennifer went over to Murat's with a bottle of wine.

I've subscribed to the service, but I still haven't utilized it with anyone.

Krzysztof's parents were greatly upset by his conversion to a different religious faith.

It's not Tad's fault.

Did you see who it was?

Crows all but destroyed the farmer's field of corn.

That would be great.

Jef looked at The suspiciously.


They know something.

You're in trouble now.

Whoever could that be at this time of night?

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I can't believe that you were the smartest kid in your class.

John sits by Jack.

Sputnik 2 finally burned up in the outer atmosphere in April 1958.

This could take a long time.

Very soon we will usher in a new year.

An assertion isn't a proof.

They can't possibly work. They are all fake.

I'm staying at my boyfriend's place.

I was hoping you'd be there.

Maarten doesn't like this color.

The pioneers have overcome a series of obstacles.

Barrett might be at home.

We're not so confident.


He likes to take electric devices apart.

Do I have to do it right away?

I classify his music as rock.

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Find yourself an Uyghur girlfriend and you'll never have problems with Uyghur again.


Help yourself and God will help you.


Maybe I'll tell you more later.


We'll have to fight, I think.

In the name of the Brazilian president, Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, Claudio Soarez Rocha expressed admiration for the continuing effort which Esperanto-speaking people throughout the world are always making, for the greater spread of Esperanto. He wrote, amongst other things,"We know that in the history of mankind, there have been languages that have become intrusive as a result of political power, such as Latin, or to a certain extent French and lately, English. We very much wish, in fact, that one day Esperanto could be accepted by the majority of the nations, as a language adopted to facilitate communication without linguistic privileges."

Tell her to be careful.

Welcome back!

He began to raise his voice.

His house stands on the hill-side and commands a splendid view.

By the time I arrived, he had already left.

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That doesn't seem like the kind of thing Jeany would do.

How much are oranges?

Let's play some tennis.

I'll have to take a make-up test in English next week.

He's next to her.


Martha is the one who told me about what happened.

In the morning, heavy snow fell, and then it melted.

It's not likely but possible.

The first thing I did after getting home was taking my shoes off.

Can you see anyone?

We must get our hair cut.

He is the foremost authority on heart surgery.

Where is everyone?

Russia is huge.

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I'm a little low on cash right now.


Have you heard whether Terrance got the job?

The aide suggested a change in tactics to him.

I'm surprised by Eddy's response.

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Can I talk to you for a minute?

Nobody will recognize you.

Guy took a step towards Joshua.


He lives in the forest alone.

Manny never told anyone where he hid the gold coins.

I have come so that you can inform me.

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A lot of cars speed by on this expressway day and night.

He made a promise, but didn't keep his word.

You won't regret it.

The salvation of human race starts with the family.

Andreas's very content now that Charles's moved in with him.

What does it take in these brave new days to keep word or pattern alive? You need but use it where gleaners can find it.

I'm caffeined out.

The manager sat on the bench with his arms folded.

We want you to stay and help.

Gross National Product is not the same as Net National Product.

Are you sure this is how we get in?


Snow is white, soot is black.

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She has a gold credit card.

My cousin is the second to the last person in the line.

The house looked very dismal.


I wish Jurevis hadn't told Ozan.

Frankly speaking, I don't want to work with him.

Hwa is a light sleeper.

No one was hit.

Is eating raw pork really bad for you?

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She may be able to answer the question.

May I trouble you for the sugar?

You're not alone anymore.


Who? Me?


The whole town knows of it.

Why don't I pick you up at your house?

Honzo should've asked us for help.

That's self-evident.

Why did you want to buy them?